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Minority and woman-owned small business providing services in shielding design and radiation safety aspects of medical, industrial and research facilities

Nisy Elizabeth Ipe, Ph.D., C.H.P.

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About Nisy Elizabeth Ipe, Ph.D., C.H.P.

I worked at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center National Laboratory (SLAC), Stanford, California for 16 years; where I was also the Head of the Radiation Physics Department and the Radiation Safety Office. I performed shielding design and activation calculations for various high-energy radiation-producing machines and sources, radiation measurements, neutron and photon dosimetry and radiation damage studies. I reviewed interlock and other safety systems, trained radiation workers, reviewed D.O.E. orders, SLAC policies and procedures, conducted radiological investigations, ALARA and compliance reviews. As a visiting scientist at the National Physical Laboratory, UK, I determined calibration and kch factors for various ionization chambers. I also consulted for the Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, on radiological aspects and shielding design of synchrotron radiation beam lines for the 7 GeV photon source. After a brief stint at Xoft Microtube, Milpitas, CA performing dosimetry for therapy x-ray tubes, I launched my own consulting business. Since then, I have successfully shielded numerous therapy linear accelerator facilities, proton and particle therapy facilities, high dose rate brachytherapy facilities, diagnostic and nuclear medicine facilities, medical cyclotrons, cargo and border security inspection systems, radiation processing facilities, industrial imaging systems, ion implantation, and several research facilities. I helped clients develop Radiation Safety Manuals and Radiation Protection Programs; and attain licensing and regulatory compliance. I also performed many integrity radiation surveys.

I have been very active in various professional and scientific organizations I am a member of the HPS (Health Physics Society), the Accelerator Section of the  HPS, NCCHPS (Northern California Chapter of the Health Physics Society), the Medical Health Physics Section of the HPS, the AAPM (American Association of Physicists in Medicine) and PTCOG ( Particle Therapy Cooperative group). I am an Associate Editor of the HPS Journal. I serve as one of the many experts for the Ask the Experts HPS team. I am i a Past President of NCCHPS and the Accelerator Section of the HPS.  I served on various technical, scientific and organizing committees including SATIF (Specialists on Shielding of Accelerator Facilities, Targets and Irradiation Facilities), Scientific Advisory Committee on International Solid State Dosimetry Organization, etc. I have published several papers and book chapters, made presentations at various national and international meetings; and served as a reviewer for many journals.


  • M.S. in Physics - Madras University, India
  • Ph.D. in Health Physics - Purdue University


  • Sigma Xi - The Scientific Research Society of North America
  • National Health Physics Society Fellowship
  • David Ross (Purdue University) Fellowship
  • Physics Prize M.S.
  • Sigma Pi Sigma - National Physics Honor Society
  • Eta Sigma Gamma - National Professional Honorary for Men & Women in Health Science
  • Best Student Award B.S.